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January 23, 2012 in general, slideshow by djehan kidd

Hangars Liquides, the technopunk deconstructions, started to raise towers on the grid in 2007.

Primarely as an art sim to express my visions on the future. Inspired by Philip K Dick, Andrei Tarkovski, Nicolas Gogol, Frantz Kafka, AKIRA anime, TETSUO movie, Syd Mead since I was a kid, Azimov for the ceilings so high you cannot even see it, Pierre Soulages for the black, Miro for the neons (!), Enki Bilal for the blue, Rank Xerox for the fucked up punk side, La peste for the music, Fellini, David Cronenberg, William Burroughs, Jacques Attali, and finaly Francis Bacon, this list is non exhaustive at all.
Many things have been inspiring me , I lived for years in many big cities since I was 14 years old. My plane touched the rough ground of Sao Paolo, Brazil, I was thrilled by this city which at that time was the biggest skyline in the whole world. I remember the praza republica where jungle trees were growing in the midst of huge concrete buildings, not really the glassy bling buildings everyone knows, just concrete and dark windows. I clearly remember that these concrete buildings were looking much more futuristic than the glassy ones, figure it out, it was just a feeling I had. I already didn’t imagined a glossy future for our civilization, things were dark, materials would not be all shiny and smooth but dirty and hurting the one who would try to touch it..One day I went to a harbor next to Rio de Janeiro, it was a ghost town, only miserable people lived under bridges, old and huge cranes, rust, no windows, darkness, the highway was running above the houses…then Paris, a truck around europe, London, Sydney…But the most dystopian one was Sao Paolo and Brazil in general. Living in Brazil was the spark that triggered rebellion inside of me and for the rest of my life. Many of hangars liquides city’s big advertising panels are displaying the oppressed.

I have been very glad to receive so much curious visitors over the years, dreamers, philosophers, punks, freaks, artists, writers, musicians, academics, all from very different backgrounds and of course from all over the globe. Coming to meet with me and also maybe coming to meet with themselves in this strange dystopia depicting a futuristic urban landscape, made out of concrete mixed with human superstition.

The actual city spans over 5 regions, Hangars Liquides, Hangars Liquides South and North, Cell, and China, it has around 35 hangouts. Come over and fly higher, our towers are the highest in the world xD, not 300 meters, not 500, not 600, not 700, way more.

So now is about time to open this city to roleplay. The website is now fully functional, you can get an account and a personal blog powered by the WordPress platform, to develop your stories and share them.

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